It pains me to imagine life without you

Oh my love
It pains me to imagine life without you
The soft touch of your silk like skin
Lost forever

I would rather starve to death
Than be starved of your love
The sweet scent of the rose
Would wither to nothing without it

The divine sounds of music would fall from grace
And fail to comfort my lost soul
Stars and constellations would lose all meaning
Their beauty vanish

The heavens would be black and empty
Without you


I love you

I love you
When you laugh
When you cry
When you are happy

When you are sad
I love you

When I lose myself sailing
Along the waves of your oceanic eyes
I love you

When you are gone for some time
I long for your presence
I long for your presence
Most of all
When you are gone for some time

I love you
When little raindrops
Trickle down your nose
And ask my lips to catch them
With kisses
Before they fall away

I like to watch the afternoon sunlight
Shine through your hair
And gently hit the water around us

In the evenings
The sun rests
Between the mountains
Before setting

Then with my eyes closed
And head resting upon your breast
I listen to your heart
Play beautiful music
And it’s song tells me
You love me

I Whisper To The Wind

I whisper to the wind
and hope she carries
my words to your far-off ear.
I whisper all the things
you used to love to hear.
We are so distant now
We could be oceans apart.
I wish I had you back
here in my arms

I listen to the wind
and she reminds me
of how we used to lay on the beach at night
watching the moon sparkle on the water
We were alone
Alone with each grain of sand
Alone with each twinkling star
Alone with the soft song of the sea
as the wind sang in joy for us
Natures complete unity

I whisper to the wind
but the hour-glass has turned
and the wind is singing a different song
Now I am alone
Alone with each falling grain of sand
Alone with each blue twinkling star
Alone with the tired song of the sea
I whisper to the wind
one last time
even though you are far-off
and I know
my voice will fall on dead ears

Just So I Can Be With You

You once opened up
the door to my heart.
Sometimes I still see you
in my dreams
sometimes we make love
the most wonderful sex
just as it used to be.
Other times
we just lay in bed
holding one another
Sharing how we’ve both
missed these moments.
I question myself, I say
“Is this a dream?
Am I asleep?
No way!
This is too real
too vivid”
Then I wake up
And I feel a pain
like a small knife
piercing my heart
It hurts
not like it used to
but it hurts
as the memories
and emotions come
flooding back.
Sometimes the gods
can be so cruel.
After a moment or two
I fight
to get back to sleep
just so I can be with you
for a little longer

The Wind That Carries Our Love

I gaze towards the crystal moon
She rests among the diamond stars
I hear my heart pound like thunder in the silent night

Two silver clouds dance as one
Dance high above our heads
Reflecting in her eyes
Reflecting in my heart

A stream of energy bursts
Like lightning, through my body
As her white hand caresses my cheek

No earthly thing is as soft as her velvet skin
Her silk hair waves in the smooth breeze
Waves like the branches of the young oak
Beneath which our lips first met
Beneath which our passions first danced

The night wind still sways
Between the leaves of that same oak
Just as it did back then
During those early kisses
Still sings
And carries our love to no end

An old mans tale

I saw people divided
Old enemies fight

I saw the blast of a bomb
In the dead of night

I saw two towers crumble
To nothing but dust

I saw nations invaded
For reasons unjust

I saw weapons being bought
By terrorist groups

I saw them being sold by
American troops

I saw the floods approaching
And no one prepared

I saw good spirits live rough
And still no one cared

I saw some MPs whisper
Of crisis to come

I saw many souls shouting
But nothing get done

I saw money destroy men
The strong and the meek

I saw two food banks open
At least, every week!

I saw the tears of mothers
And heard fathers cries

I saw innocent blood flow
And covered by lies