An old mans tale

I saw people divided
Old enemies fight

I saw the blast of a bomb
In the dead of night

I saw two towers crumble
To nothing but dust

I saw nations invaded
For reasons unjust

I saw weapons being bought
By terrorist groups

I saw them being sold by
American troops

I saw the floods approaching
And no one prepared

I saw good spirits live rough
And still no one cared

I saw some MPs whisper
Of crisis to come

I saw many souls shouting
But nothing get done

I saw money destroy men
The strong and the meek

I saw two food banks open
At least, every week!

I saw the tears of mothers
And heard fathers cries

I saw innocent blood flow
And covered by lies

Little showers

I see tears trickle
         Down your cheeks
                     Like raindrops on
                             My window
I’ll keep them for
               A million weeks
                    And hope they form
                             A rainbow

And if the sunshine
            Soon appears
                      A rainbow soon
                          Will follow

To wash away all
                Of those fears
                      And bring a clear

I dream I am a bird

I dream I am a bird in flight
It’s a cold windy winter night
I twizzle and twirl left and right
And fight the winds with all my might
Flying in the darkness

I hear the hooting of an owl
A hungry wolf is on the prowl
Stops a second, cries out a howl
Causing a nearby dog to growl
Crying in the darkness

The moonlight glistens down below
Off the river covered in snow
And gives the white a gentle glow
While tall trees sway as soft winds blow
Dancing in the darkness

Then freedom rests beneath my wings
As the huge church bell loudly rings
And snowflakes fall on naked trees
As I spring through them in the breeze
Glancing through the darkness


The past has shown

mankinds insanity

The tightened fist

of Christianity

That once oppressed


In art, music

in all society


Or in wars fought

for nationality,

Gender, age or


Or race or class

or sexuality

That hardened hearts

and cursed humanity

With fear, anger,

hatred and vanity


These live in mind

and twist reality

Towards a life

lived in brutality;

Heartless, joyless,

full of profanity


Forgetting all

sense of morality

And losing sight

of commonality

We let these chains

disturb normality

Discard them all

for geniality,

Compassion, love,

show hospitality

And help create

a strong mentality

In all souls in

your own locality!

Infants Heart

A childs heart is soft and tender
They know not race, know not gender
Don’t care for wealth
Don’t care for fame
if only adults were the same

No cares for dollar or for pound
Or if the earth stops spinning round
No cares of war
No cares of crime
Or religion -No time for time

They know not pain
They know not shame
No infants life is just a game

A Stars Birth


Eight years ago on this bright day,

A star, born in February

She sparkled on thoughout the night

And made our souls dance with delight.

Eight Summers now, have passed us by,

That light still shines on in the sky.

With brightness greater than the suns

And warmer warmth than hot cross buns.

She fills our hearts and makes them sing

Like life that springs just after Spring.

Roses blossomed and birds all sung

In praise of our star Summer Young.


Been eight years since that first glow in the night

And has passed as quick as a flash of light!


Dedicated to my niece. Happy birthday Summer!

The Paths We Take.


Her wonderful words which were always kind.
The beautiful images she imprinted in his mind.
His hearts gone numb,
He decides to hide.
Will she ever leave his mind?

Her radiant smile now seems ever so blurred.
She was his then was not without even a word.
Healing wounds,
The burn of time.
Will she ever leave his mind?

Times have changed, forbidden lover.
Could she ever love another?
Dreamt of him,
Again last night.
Will he ever leave her mind?